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Elwood Vapor Shop

11 days ago

***SALE*** We are clearing out our Enjoylife E-liquid in 15ml for $3.99 or 30ml for $6.95. A great tasting e-liquid at a great price! Prices good only till there gone!

2205 1/2 Main St. Across from Friendly's Restaurant by the laundromat. We also have new Hours:
Mon Thru Fri - 10 am to 8 pm
Saturdays from 12pm to 6 pm


24 days ago

Hello to all my fellow neighbors! Thanks for allowing me to access your site.

admin Welcome to EIO
24 days ago

novaleeworrell » Elwood Classifieds

24 days ago

Hi I do
alterations and pattern work . Here are some purses I do and some easter things. My number is (765)-571-0078.

Elwood News

last month

This is what one of the political pinhead reporters said in the Anderson newspaper.

Almost four years later, none of Arnold's promise as mayor has been fulfilled. Really???

You have some real idiots working at your paper! Since your pretty much useless reporters don't seem to have a clue whats happening here in Elwood, I will be happy to set the story straight for everyone! I tried to post all his accomplishments in their comment section but it was too long.

Accomplishments under Mayor Ron Arnold
Economic Development

A major focus of these past 3 years has been to increase the amount of business leads and businesses interested in locating in the City of Elwood, and I’m pleased that we have been building a base of these interested businesses, that now know Elwood is a great place to live and work in.

Elwood scored a major Home Run in 2012 when the City of Elwood Redevelopment Commission was able to acquire the former Plastech site and sell it to Warner Bodies, which resulted in:
Creating 150 new jobs right here in Elwood

And the revenue from the TIF district is expected to generate $250,000 in new revenue that will be used for more economic development projects.
In 2012 and 2013 I began a major out-reach to Japan. In 2013, I was one of a four Mayors that was invited by Governor Pence to go to Japan with him on this inaugural trip in an effort to showcase what Indiana and the City of Elwood has to offer Japanese Business and industry. During this trip we were able to continue to grow the city’s relationship with Elsa and its parent company Sakamoto Industries and put Elwood front and center for possible expansion of other Subaru suppliers in the next few years. In 2014 we were pleased to join Elsa at the ground breaking for their major facility expansion.

Late 2013 we acquired the former Indiana Michigan facility on SR 28 for future development. In 2014 we were able to sell the facility to RG Transport where it will house there expanded transportation efforts in 2015.

We have also been working on recruiting small business and have seen several new small businesses come to town such as Little Caesars and the current O’Reilly Auto Parts project along with other small businesses setting up shop in our city.


When you drive around Elwood one of the things I am most pleased about is that we are beginning to address the removal of blighted buildings and abandoned homes.

One of the best examples is the demolition of the former Fast Eddies Building on Main Street we removed an major blight in our downtown, creating green space and a building ready site, all without the use of local tax dollars.

In addition, thanks to the efforts of the City of Elwood Redevelopment Commission, and our County Commissioners especially John Richwine we have obtained the title to approximately 50 abandoned properties and have started to get demolitions or rehabs scheduled for some of these properties. Allowing these properties to be returning to the tax rolls.

Water and Waste Water

When I took office we faced a major challenge we were under an IDEM Agreed Order with an anticipated cost to our rate payers of $10 million dollars to comply with phase 1 of 4 phases. By working with a number of partners we have been able to reduce the estimated costs of this project to $7 million resulting in a $3 million dollar savings and upgrading to being able to build a new state of the art facility. In addition we have taken the waste water treatment plant from dozens of IDEM violations to 0 in 7 months’ time resulting in no fines and major savings.

We have also been able to:

Improve the city collection system, and enhanced maintenance and troubleshooting with the purchase and use of a camera truck and full staffing of our vac truck

Street sweeping program that includes all streets, enhancing appearance and removing sediment filth in the collection system.

We are working on a $50,000 planning grant to continue improvement of the combined sewer collection system.

Quality of Life

In order to attract new businesses you must have an attractive place to do business and live. We also must have a thriving parks system which is an important part of that. We have continued to make major improvements to the City of Elwood parks system including:

Reopened city pool (Mary Beth Dunnichay Aquatic Center) with enhancements to center in year 2.

New roof on main shelter house in Callaway Park

Instituted first ever tree replacement program

New Humane Shelter is being constructed with plans for Dog Park and other enhancements to revitalize 14th Street Park

Remodeled the Birch Bayh Senior Center and turned it into a true Community Center with full access to the Red Gold Patio and the Mary Beth Dunnichay Aquatic Center.

Callaway Park upgrades and enhancements: restored horseshoe pits, new drinking fountains, pathways so seniors in the Community can have access to the park, additional parking added to East end of the park, new paving throughout the park, new grills, additional water pits and electrical outlets for Glass Festival, Movies in the Park, Gospel Music in the Park, First Annual Callaway Grand Prix Go Kart race, and installed Free Wi-Fi in the park.


Another important feature for attracting new businesses to the community is good streets and thanks to the Street Department Employees and Street Commission Robertson we have been able to get almost $750,000 in new paving done in the last 21 months. I’m as equally proud of our other Street Department accomplishment including:

Worked with Norfolk Southern Railroad to have all railroad crossings repaired in Elwood

Enhanced safety with new stop signs, crosswalks, and other street signage

Through public-private partnerships we are restoring neighborhood sidewalks

This year – safe routs to school grant which allows us to put new sidewalks along 19th st and North J Street

Public Safety

Public safety is an area that we have seen changes for the better this past 3 years, under new Police Chief Phil Caldwell and Fire Chief Brand Compton. Improved department morale along with a number of other accomplishments we can be proud of such as:

Upgraded Vehicles and equipment for both fire and police

Police Reserve Officer Program to help keep more officers on the street

Added 2 new dogs so there is a dog on every shift

Community Policing: downtown foot patrols, business check ins, increased presence in community

Informational trailer to increase awareness of public safety

Firing range for training and qualifying

Added Spanish language Officer

Increased public communications


In addition to the things you see, there are a number of things we have accomplished that have not been as visible such as improved lighting in the city and restoration of public benches downtown. Our maintenance department has also worked to:

Replaced more than a dozen missing and damaged street lights.

Replaced standard light bulbs downtown with new LED bulbs to increase light and reduce cost

Fixed leaks in City Building roof and water issues on brick siding

Painting of Interior of City Building

New front doors to replace flawed designed original doors

We have also received donation of service for our weed and feed

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watchingu2 Did you really think they would give the Mayor a fair shake Al ?? At least with the Mayor gone the morons can get back to selling the city as a poor town in need of more social programs. If you want to be in the click you have to be Democrat. What I find funny most don't have a clue.
last month
watchingu2 Now the Harold must leave the Arnold Era in the past. What will they write about now? The writers were to lazy to come to Elwood and look around.
last month
robertv It will probably be like on the national front. Everything will be Arnold's fault.
24 days ago

chevymann03 » Elwood Classifieds

last month

snow plowing elwood area up to 15 miles long as there is no drifting ( small drifts i can handle but if we get alot of snow and it starts drifting , i have to stay in town so i do not risk getting stuck ) all done by riding mowers and a snow thrower . i do not block drives , gates , doors or vehicles less other wise told . by using a riding mower there is less digging up of your gravel ( if any at all ) and i can get in to tighter spaces to clear around vehicles where pickup trucks cant .

all jobs are taken as they come in and as always free inperson estimates . i can not price jobs by phone or on here , i can only price jobs in person as i have to see how much work and time it will take to get done .

PLEASE CONTACT ME BY PHONE CALLS ONLY SOME STILL THINK THEY CAN SEND TEXTS FOR SOME REASON EVEN THOUGH IT STATES NO TEXTS . THIS IS NOT A CELL NUMBER SO IT WILL ONLY ACCEPT PHONE CALLS , days it snows the night before / over night i will accept calls starting at 8am , days that the snow ends after 8am or middle of day i will accept calls starting at 10am leave message with name and number if no answer and i will return calls asap ( i maybe in middle of a job or loading / unloading equipment and cant hear the phone . calls only 765 551 4448 PLEASE CONTACT ME BY PHONE CALLS ONLY

Elwood News

last month

ELWOOD, IN – Mayor Ron Arnold announced today that he will be resigning as Mayor of Elwood Indiana effective March 27, 2015. In a short statement Mayor Arnold said, “As I said when announcing I would not be seeking reelection, it has been the greatest professional privilege of my life to serve as mayor of my hometown. While I fully intended to fulfill my term as mayor, opportunities have arisen that will require me to leave office earlier than I had planned. So, effective March 27th, I will be resigning as Mayor of Elwood. I am making this announcement early to allow time for the replacement process to play out, giving the citizens of this great city a smooth transition of leadership.” Arnold went on to say, “I want to again thank all the citizens of Elwood who have entrusted me with this honor the last 4 years, I am truly grateful for the love and support you have shown me and my family. God Bless you all and God Bless Elwood!”


2 months ago

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