To The people of Elwood watch your BACK.

If you support the Mayor watch your back!!! Yesterday was a very interesting day for my family, As all of you know my husband & daughter tape the city pulse every week. It is no surprise that we do support the Mayor and the improvements he is making in our town. Now contrary to popular belief, we do not or have we ever gotten paid to do this show or any of the other things Al does for the city!

On last weeks show The Mayor called out a few individuals for bullying his family. Being that he's in public office they feel his family is fair game. I beg to differ with that assessment, but I'm not here to debate that point right now. Now they have denied being bullies, they say they are just being concerned citizens letting the people of Elwood know of all the personal problems the mayors is having right now.

Well, I received a phone call yesterday and in the conversation was informed that one of this group posted a mug shot of a girl yesterday with the comment " does she look familiar?"on the Take Back Elwood page on facebook. she told me it look just like my daughter Pamela. I went to check it out myself and OFCOURCE it had been removed. The insinuation was that she had a police record which is UNTRUE!!! she has never been arrested for so much as spitting on the sidewalk!!!!! THAT is why it was removed so quickly. BUT!!! the insinuation was still there. then last night we found out another member of this group posted Al"s sons police records. Now this has been public knowledge for over 12 years. yes he did what it says and yes he's spent his time in prison paying for his mistakes.

 My point is, They have denied being bullies ("just concerned citizens ) well, none of my family holds any public office but they seem to think my family is also FAIR GAME. My stepson has not even gotten involved in any of this and they have posted his life mistakes, and the insinuations about my daughter Pamela, To me this is the definition of BULLYING!!!!! So in conclusion, If you support the Mayor WATCH YOUR BACK!!!!!!! your family may be next!!!!


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I seen this post for sure, and it was only on for a short time. It did look like pam, even though it wasn't. I Went back later and looked and it was gone on my page also. I am sorry they are posting these things about your family. This is insane that people would do this to other citizens in our town. I know a lot of people that voted for the mayor, and I was brought up to believe that my vote counts, and our mayor was elected so those people need to just get over it. 

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 I have bent over backwards to help this community the best I can.. I HAVE NEVER BEEN ARRESTED!!!!! for those of you who are trying to make my step- dad and I look bad. keep it up because its NOT WORKING!!! LMAO!!!! you are just making yourself look worse!! And you are proving to everyone that YOU have to bully people around because you are not getting your way!! GROW UP!! the pic you showed was NOT me.. TRY AGAIN ASSHOLE!!!!!

What is there problem?? What has he done that they do this?? I have heard a few rumors. Maybe somebody thought they should have got some money from Tax Payers when there house got flooded ?? Why dont they post Something on here.  Why would anybody attack personally if they have an honest gripe with the Mayor?? 

Perhaps all the mud slinging and name calling that originates on the Blogs created here by your husband and yourself has feed into this . Your family was never mentioned until you and yours started slinging names about.
You say Al's son learned from his time in prison for manufacturing meth in our community but 2 years ago he was arrested again for battery AND found guilty. I'm sure you will excuse his behavior as you do with other people who use drugs, batter people, steal, set fires, drive while intoxicated, fail to appear, and only the Lord knows what else. That's all excusable but 12 year old medical debt that gets discharged is a crime . If that's the case then the mayor is guilty of this crime as well.
April you and your family can't fling mud without expecting some to come back your way now.
You claim the may sent that non threatening letter in retaliation how is this any different .
You can't call out people's families without anticipating them to call out yours. The only difference here is I have yet to see any prove of these other families breaking any laws. Can the mayors family say the same ? Or yours ?
If your stepson has his feelings hurt by his criminal activity being further made public he has you and Al to thank for that.

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I only check my comments sometimes once a day so that is why it took awhile to show up.

Anonymous guests are always the most polite don't you think? Well. Where shall I start first? Mud slinging from me and my wife. I challenge you to show me where either me or my wife have slung mud on anyone. There IS mud slinging going on but it's not us! If you are referring to Kelly Boyland then you should go back and read it. The only things I said about her were things she did at the council meetings. Someone else brought up her records which I let go because once she stands in front of the microphone she has entered the public arena and thus is a public figure.

You say Al's son learned from his time in prison for manufacturing meth in our community but 2 years ago he was arrested again for battery AND found guilty. No he was not found guilty! What it was is that he had a fight with his wife who has been arrested 3 times before for domestic battery before they even met but of course when the cops show up and find out its him they instantly started building a case against just him and not her. While he was only charged with a misdemeanor he had 2 days left on parole so our great system of Justice found it necessary to give him his full time back and it had nothing to do with drugs and hasn't for years! Of course hiring Mia Roby who didn't show up for court didn't help. They gave him a public defender who could care less about the case and he got screwed! Elwood has never liked my son and has never given him a break! Even the appellate court thought the Judges decision was unreasonable. Any county Judge that can give a 17 year old kid 20 years before trying anything else especially when their are many facilities boasting 80% success rates needs to retire as far as I am concerned because he is just destroying lives. They can't fix the problem so they just destroy lives! Even the attorneys jaw dropped and she repeated 20 YEARS and he said yep all 20 of them.  It's in your link on your page. Close to the bottom. Read It! It was 12 years ago so its pretty old news anyway.

Do I or my wife claim to be perfect? No! Do we have a few skeletons? Yes but the difference I see between you and us is at least I and my wife try to be decent individuals and present the facts the way we see them. We don't slander people that have done nothing wrong to you for our agenda. We , bacause of City Pulse, just happen to know a little bit more about what's happening at the city building than most people think they do! Anyone that has asked us a question on this site has gotten their answer stright from the mayors mouth.

You also said: If your stepson has his feelings hurt by his criminal activity being further made public he has you and Al to thank for that.

No sir or madam which ever you may be, it was all you that caused that but don't worry because most of this town has never let him forget it anyway so he doesn't really care what you people think!

Still waiting to see my professional (no lies, no half truths, no name calling , no profanity) and civil comment posted . I keep seeing other comments approved but mine isn't YET it's viewed, dissected and parts of it are commented on.

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I have Not dissected any of your comments nor have I edited any of them either. I guess my wife and I must really be upseting you. All we had to do was show people both sides of a story and the attacks began. I understand. The truth sometimes hurts! Just so you know, I'm not done pointing out your wrongs and accusations about our mayor. I'm just getting started :-)  Stay Tuned!

Still waiting for my comment to appear here .

Hmmmm censorship at its finest huh Al ? You print links and point out the "criminal" activity of the Boyland family but your own family's criminal activity is off limits . Meth manufacturing and battery are a far cry from the Boyland's medical debt from 12 yrs ago.

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I answered you above!

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Sir, I have just re-read all of the post that i have made and can not find 1 instance of foul language or slander or mud slinging or even calling anyone out by name unless I was typing directly to them in answer to a post, and let me get this straight, your telling me that there are NO skeletons in any one of your group closets!!!  After personally paying  for representation for our son and no one ever showed up not even for a visit to talk to him  or someone renting space then leaving owing a light bill and back rent never paid either,  the owner was stuck with it, are these the people you say have no skeletons. these are only 2 examples that I know of personally! so it is very hard for me to believe everyone in your little group is snowy white clean!

Oh and last off I NEVER said the Mayor sent the letter in retaliation, that is your problem, you change a single word to change the meaning, just 1 little word, I SAID, he sent the letter in response to a lesson he was given to read NOT RETALIATION!!! 



Anonymous why do you have so much hate in your heart ?? Did it make you feel better talking about AL's family ?  What did the Mayor do to Keli Boyland ?  I think some of you have taken great Joy seeing things that have happened to the Mayor and his Family.  I know people I don't care for but to say things you have printed...WOW. 



I'm just curious since the mention of drugs and meth have came up, with elwood being in the top 5 for meth use, what has the mayor done to end this? Redoing the park and adding street lights isn't doing much help. I haven't heard of one outreach program for those dealing with meth/drug addiction nor any type of available counselling for families who have loved ones addicted. Yes he added two more drug dogs, but that still hasn't helped make arrests! Drug sales happen all the time right across from my house on main street yet nothing is done.

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How full are the jails already? Who pays to house them? We have only 5% of the people on the planet but we have incarcerated 20% of the people on the planet. We can no longer afford the war on drugs. At some point people are going to have to realize that putting a medical problem in the hands of law enforcement is not the answer. All they can do is arrest someone but they can't fix the actual drug problem and the tougher they get the more profitable and enticing it becomes for people. I think its time to start spending our money letting the medical community deal with the problem. Had we done this years ago, I am convinced the drug problem would have been much smaller.