Eating Crow

March 2012 Mitt Romney called Russia America's " number One geopolitical foe" he was eviscerated by Obama his administration and certain members of the media.  Kinda scarey we have a dictator in the white house thats clueless. The Washington Post say he is living in a fantasy world.


Since Detroit has filed for bankrupcy three more City's are looking to do the same.  Because of the high salary's, Retirement Package's, Insurance of public Employee's and school teacher's these city's can no longer pay there bill's.

Detroit, Chicago, Los Angles and New York City. They all have a common thread.  They cannot control spending, They tell you what size soda pop you can buy, They control our health Care that they run from, They want control over your everyday life, Think its OK for your Daughter to get an abortion and you dont need to know as  parent. Send there kids to private schools but wont allow that option for us. The constitution is a real pain,and would like to trash it and have been.


Last if you think I am Republican I am not !! They want power too !! At this point I lean towards the Tea Party.




Wake up !!

I find it ironic Obama speaks out against Putin.  He made a speech about Ukraine's Border's and Culture.  When in fact he has opened the southern border for any one to come across. Remember Democrats defunded the fence. Also they are destroying American culture. See exsample below.

Planned Parenthood get's funding from Tax Payers. They just did a video for teens. It's a "how to video on Bondage". That way our Teens can practice save Bondage sex.

In Califorina 2 teens were made to take of there American Flag tee shirts off !!  It was cinco De Mayo week and the American Flag was offensive to those celibrating the mexican holiday. The Progressive court upheld the school making the students remove the shirts. 

This is the Progressive Movement.  The Democrat Party.  


unsplit fire wood approx 2 FULL SIZE TRUCK LOADS

im down to about 2 full size turck loads of cut fire wood that is varopus diamaters and up to approx foot long .  its variuos hard woods and is seasoned . i do have one large diamater log that takes a 20inch saw to cut in one pass left and is approx 6 ft long .  the log will need to be cut up where it is or loaded on a trailer with a ramp as its to large to move by hand . if your going to cut the log up where it is , then you need to make sure you bring what you need to do so as i do not supply anything to cut it with ! 


snow plowing up to 10miles from elwood

i will be offering snow plowing again this year . its all done by riding mower so i can get in to tighter places . im cheaper then those that are required to have commercial insurance for their trucks . i do my best to clear drives the best i can and not dig up the gravel or push the stone off in your yard , i try to keep the snow on the edge of the drive so its out of the way but yet keep the stone in your drive and not in your yard . less other wise told i do not block gates or vehicles and do my best to get up close to thing with out tearing things up .

led dash strobe lights 60$ each obo

both are amber and white led's with 3 flash patterns . top is white over amber over white leds . 

2nd one is half amber half white and 3 flash patterns .  

i can get these in single colors and with more flash patterns but more flash patterns is another 10$ each and you get a total of 7 flash patterns . 


"A State With No Republicans"

What a dream for the Politically Lazy.  The state of Illinois has no Republicans !!

There are more people on welfare than work.

State Pension Fund $78Billion in dept.

Cook County ( Chicago) sales Tax highest in country  10.25%

Chicago pays the highest wages to teachers than anywhere in the US.  Averaging $110,000.00 per year. Their pensions average 80 to 90% of their income. Chicago school systems rated one of the worst in the country. 

Chicago and Illinois has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Body count in the last 6 months...........292 Murdered Chicago    221 killed in Iraq.

People need to thank the leadership for the combat zone in Chicago.

President: Obama   Atty. Gen. : Lisa Madigan    MAYOR: Rohm Emanual. 

 Past leadership  George Ryan : Prison , Rob Blagoyavic : Prison

This is where Obama came from, He now is fixing Washington...The Progressive Dream !!                                            

Health Care Tax Tips

The IRS has come out warning Americans that they must obtain "Qualifing" health Insurance. This is defined by the Federal Government.  AKA..The ruling Elite..The Progressive slave masters !! If not you will face a "Shared Responsibility Pyment"  You will have to prove to the IRS on your 2015 tax return you have carried Insurance for the last 12 months.  They will keep your Tax Return as payment. I can only  assume if you still owe. The IRS will put a tax lean on your property.

FYI:  6 of the top 10 Richest counties in the US are around Washington DC.  Wonder where Elite Government Slave Masters live ??

Computer Dude 2.0

I'm positive that I used to read old computer dude comments about concern over additional spending by government.  When was this new version of computer dude released?  I am not interested in attacking the mayor personally, but there can't be much question that we are spending a considerable amount of money more since Mayor Arnold entered office.  So I question where all of this additional money is coming from?  Did we have a sudden large increase in tax revenue?  Did previous mayors withhold money that could have improved the city?  Are we paying for all additional spending strictly through grants? Or are we spending money that will eventually have to be paid back later down the road, most likely when another person is in the mayor's office?

Elwood... Properties we have for Sale on Contract

 2126 S J - Very cute 2 bedroom 1 bath house, has a nice size living room, eat in kitchen .. washer and dryer hookup.


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