approx 2 full size truck loads of fire wood and 2 large logs sale or trade

i have approx 2 full size truck loads of cut wood , some are larg pieces , most is good size and dont need split but 1 time or so . also have 1 large log about 6 ft long and requires 20 inch saw to cut that is seasoned as well . i have another larg log of ash that was just cut and will need to be cut up or loaded on a trailer with ramp its takes least 20inch saw to cut  and is approx 8ft long . this is all YOU HAUL  i do not deliver .

Airman 3rd Class Howard Martin will return to Elwood on Thursday with full military honors

Airman 3rd Class Howard Martin will return to Elwood on Thursday with full military honors burial on Saturday.

Martin's casket will be picked up Thursday morning and escorted to Elwood by the Indiana Rolling Thunder, Patriot Guard, Indiana State Police and Elwood City Police units. The procession will arrive in Elwood approximately 1 pm (Community Warning Sirens will signal the arrival).

Nice home for rent near park and schools

1925 North E street.  3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home.  Washer/dryer hookups, dishwasher, stove and refrigerator, nice cabinets with laminate hardwood floor in kitchen.  Energy efficient with central air.   Backyard with storage shed.  Absolutely no pets or smoking allowed.  Rent is $650 per month with $650 deposit.   For more information please call Kirk at 765-635-5065.

College tuition

Our great dictator is here to help you. Tuition loans are to high.  He wants to help you refinance them. He also wants to make the Rich pay for some of your tuition.  Let's not fix the problem. Let's blame somebody Else.  Why are colleages having double digit tuition increase's every year.  The tuition cost is twice what it should be.  Thanks to low cost loans from the Government colleges have no reason to save. Just raise costs. It's nothing but a scam. 


In south America the news papers are advertising to come to America. The border patrol are over whelmed. They are saying it's worse than Katrina.  Bring a child with you and you can stay.  This is very serious.Our dictator  has created this problem.  This will drive down wages for the poor and middle class for  years.  You can't bring thousands of poor and uneducated Illegals And not drive wages for poor and middle class Americans .  They will just blame the rich guy.