College tuition

Our great dictator is here to help you. Tuition loans are to high.  He wants to help you refinance them. He also wants to make the Rich pay for some of your tuition.  Let's not fix the problem. Let's blame somebody Else.  Why are colleages having double digit tuition increase's every year.  The tuition cost is twice what it should be.  Thanks to low cost loans from the Government colleges have no reason to save. Just raise costs. It's nothing but a scam. 


In south America the news papers are advertising to come to America. The border patrol are over whelmed. They are saying it's worse than Katrina.  Bring a child with you and you can stay.  This is very serious.Our dictator  has created this problem.  This will drive down wages for the poor and middle class for  years.  You can't bring thousands of poor and uneducated Illegals And not drive wages for poor and middle class Americans .  They will just blame the rich guy.   


Obama is now changing America.  We now have 1000's of children crossing  our southern border. 3 military bases have now opened to hold them. They will be turned loose soon. These people are coming from South America . They know if they get here they can stay.We will support all of this Health Care , Schools and  Shelter . More are coming some say whole villages have emptied  out on there way here. I do believe OBAMA wanted to do this. He has never like America .Our borders are open !!

Elwood 3 Bedroom 1 bath for rent

Elwood - I have a huge nice 3 bedroom 1 bath, washer and dryer hookup, dinning room, huge utility room, large bathroom, nice size kitchen. Also has central air, all new carpet and flooring, and all new paint. A Must see. This use to be the Elwood community building turned into this cute nice size house. Also has a huge shed for tenant to use. Rent is $650 Month $650 Deposit ( I can work with the deposit in a couple of payments) Tenant pays Gas, Electric and Water. House will be available and ready to move into on 7/1.

Jazzy Elite

Like new 2009 Jazzy Elite wheelchair.  New batteries.  Accessories included.  Used around 5 times.  $500 OBO  Call 623-2660 between 9A & 9P.

Elwood for Rent

I have a nice 3 bedroom house that will be ready to rent on  7/1/14

Newly remodled, has Huge rooms, dinning room, washer and dryer hookup with a laundry room that is every wondens Has all new carpet, fresh paint, nice size yard, Central Air.   A must see.

call 765 610 4771 between 9a and 9p for more info.

Thanks Meissa